How to Excel as a Real Estate Agent – 2 Proven Practices

Challenges faced by a real estate agent

As a realtor, you are obsessed with guiding people in making one of the most important financial decisions. You want them to trust you with the most intimate details of their life so that you can help them make the optimum decision with respect to buying or renting a property. 

Unfortunately, establishing trust and credibility with real estate buyers and sellers takes time and effort. You work very hard to establish your brand and pitch your services as a listing agent. Continuously reach out to the buyers with information about the offerings. You are forced to continue to serve them without the guarantee of being paid.

You have heard a lot about real estate digital marketing tools and CRM solutions that enable you to build websites, send out emails, and create social media assets and digital ads. However, neither are you financially strong enough to afford monthly subscriptions to all of these tools nor do you have the staff or expertise to execute sustained marketing campaigns. 

How do you stand out as a realtor and avoid being part of 87% of real estate agents who fail within the first 5 years?

Two practices that help you Excel as a realtor 

  1. Simplify – Realtors bombard first time home buyers with emails, links to real estate property websites and listings, PDF brochures, virtual tours and a similar unending stream of digital content. Keeping up with all of this and making any sense of it is difficult and buyers are quickly overwhelmed. Simplifying the information presented to them is a great way to stand out from your competition. Buyers will immediately appreciate your effort and are very likely to request your services.
  2. Personalize – Realtor success is built on connecting with clients and building a brand with a personal touch. Most of the marketing tools and technologies as well as digital content is designed to replace realtors instead of putting them at the center of the buying process. Instead of burying them in the mountains of digital and printed content, present your personal opinion on why a property is relevant for the buyer.

We have just the right solution to help you put these ideas into practice. We call it Narratives.

Narratives simplify and personalize the real estate buying process

Take a look at this sample video Narrative below by clicking on the play button. 

Notice how the communication is simplified by combining content from multiple sources: websites, brochures, floorplans, virtual tours and other information into a single brief video that can be viewed anywhere, anytime, and on any device. 

Also, note how the realtor’s video and narration personalizes the engagement and keep the realtor at the center of the buying process. Narratives make both real estate buyers and realtors more productive.

You can create a Narrative similar to this using fullfeel Narratives for each of your clients, send it out and track if the client viewed it in less than 15 minutes! That is a lot faster and more engaging than writing an email to describe all the property details, insert website links and attach PDFs. 

You do not require any technical skills or any special tools or content. You can use existing material supplied by the sellers and listing services to transform them into engaging and personalized Narratives.

This is a real game-changer for a realtor.

Best of all, you can start engaging your clients for free in less than an hour. Click here to sign up now. No credit card is required. There is no limit to how many Narratives you create or the length of each Narrative. You can send it to any number of your clients. Even after you use up the generous free credits, you will never have to sign up for any monthly subscription fees. You will only pay when you use the service.

Narratives help you Excel as a real estate listing agent

When you use samples of your Narratives in your sales pitch, sellers will perceive you as smarter and faster at selling or renting their property. They are more likely to trust you as a listing agent. 

Narratives can be a better substitute for printed / PDF brochures. You can use them to promote your listings with other realtors and create multiple narratives targeted at different buyer segments. You can place QR codes at different locations in the property during an Open House that brings up a Narrative specific to each area when a buyer scans them on their mobile. You are simplifying the buying process, engaging the buyers more effectively, automatically capturing leads, gaining real-time insights into their interest in your listing and building a personal brand with all of them. It is magical.

Start with Narratives and then master digital selling

Once you sign up for free, you will be creating and sending out your first Narrative in a few minutes. As buyer engagement and insights start streaming back to you, discover the additional components of fullfeel that makes real estate selling easier, fun and frictionless for you and your clients while keeping you at the center of the process. You will find a Digital Library to organize Narratives and other digital assets of your listings, a CRM to manage relationships with buyers, sellers and other realtors, CustomShow to build highly engaging rich media brochures, virtual tours and mobile apps and Simulcast to take your remote buyers on a real property tour. You can use it all by yourself or add as many colleagues as you wish. There are no limits and no additional costs.

At fullfeel, we are proud to serve all types of real estate agents. We are committed to simplifying the real estate selling process and enhancing buying experience. Our dedicated Customer Success team members will work closely with you to become the most well known and successful real estate agent in your area.

If you need more information or if you wish to see a demo of how to build Narratives. Please fill up the form below and we will set up a meeting with you as soon as possible.

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