Overages Storage & Engagement Minutes

 The individual and team plans include 10 GB of Content Storage and 1000 Engagement Minutes per month. If you exceed this limit, your monthly bill will reflect any charges for additional content storage and engagement minutes for that month. This does not apply to Enterprise plans.

$1/GB of Content Storage/Month

$0.073/ Engagement Minute/Month


Overages will apply if you exceed your content storage and engagement minutes at the rate of $1/GB of Storage and $0.073/Engagement Minute/Month.

An Engagement Minute is the amount of time, in minutes, for which your buyer views the content shared with them.

One of the most powerful features of fullfeel is the precise and comprehensive measurement of time that your buyer spends engaging with the content you share with them. fullfeel logs this engagement in sub-minute intervals and provides you real time visual analytics for you to measure sales engagement as well as to keep track of your billing.

We measure the total storage space occupied by all of the content that you have uploaded or created in the system.

No. fullfeel only tracks engagement minutes when buyers are actively viewing a piece of content. For example, if a buyer opens a piece of content and walks away for 3 hours, a pop up will appear within a few seconds of no activity on the page asking if anyone is there. If there is no response, fullfeel will stop tracking engagement minutes.

We accept all major credit cards for payment.

Absolutely. Please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

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