Top 16 Real Estate Marketing Agencies And Design Agencies Focused on Digital Experiences
The real estate industry is rapidly adopting new technologies, enabling buyers to experience their properties remotely before having to visit in person. Top real estate marketing companies/agencies and top digital design agencies are using this opportunity to redefine how real estate can be presented with richer content, shown, and experienced. From breath-taking virtual tours to binge-worthy multimedia experiences, check out how these 16 real estate focused digital design agencies and companies can help you evolve from traditional static marketing to embrace digital transformation. We also include a list of real estate marketing automation services that can help take your digital marketing to the next level. To compile this list, we reached out to more than 900 owners, partners, founders, and key executives across 700 real estate-focused top digital design agencies/companies and marketing agencies to understand how they are using new technologies and transforming their businesses with digital design experiences. We learned a lot from these conversations and summarized our key insights and takeaways in this report on Digital Savvy Real Estate Focused Design and Marketing Agencies If you’re a digital design marketing agency or want to become a succeeding real estate agent, learn more about how fullfeel’s digital selling platform helps you design immersive experiences for your real estate clients. (Listed alphanumerically.)

1. 3D World, Inc.


“As a boutique studio of interdisciplinary creatives, architects, and designers, our goal is to combine visual disciplines to envision your ideas one step closer to reality. By understanding our clients’ needs, we can effectively interpret their ideas and concepts. Through our process, we strive to understand and convey our clients’ goals effectively through a mixture of visual disciplines such as Renderings, Animations, Virtual Reality, Interactive, Photography, and Branding services.” – Diego Lares, Founder & Director

Key Real Estate Clients: Compass, Utopus, Gensler Key Design Services: Website, Digital Brochures, Sales Center Experiences, 3D Visualizations, Video Walk-Throughs

2. Cohere


“Cohere is a creative agency committed to uniting stakeholders around shared goals in food, hospitality, and real estate. We bring together projects that put people and the planet first through strategy, branding, environmental, and 3d digital design. We do this through our extensive network of food and beverage, retail, community, and real estate partners – connecting the dots between stakeholders and audiences with creative experiences.” – Chris Richards, Partner Key Real Estate Clients: BPG, M|M Partners, PIDC, Lubert- Adler Real Estate Key Design Services: Website, Digital Brochure, Sales Center Experience, 3D Visualizations, High-Quality Photos

3. Evolution Virtual

Evolution Virtual

“Evolving real estate marketing through amazing digital experiences.” Key Real Estate Clients: Douglas Elliman, JDS, Vista Residences, The Ritz Carlton Residences Key Design Services: Website, Digital Brochure, Sales Center Experience, Mobile App, 3D Visualizations, Video Walk-Throughs

4. Flying Machine

Flying Machine “A brand is a special feeling backed by sounds reason. We help our clients take off and help their brands land emotional real estate while delivering strategic value and tactical results.” – Micha Riss, President Key Real Estate Clients: Douglas Elliman, HFZ Capital Group, 303, IDB Group Key Design Services: Website, Digital Brochure, Branding

5. Go Virtual UK

GO Virtual UK “We pride ourselves on creating “hand-crafted” tours, using top spec SLR cameras, adding far more interactive features, and using 360 photography techniques taught to us as employees at Google Street View themselves over the last 8 years.” – Richard Gill, Founder & Director Key Real Estate Clients: 10 Downing Street, Browsholme Hall Key Design Services: 360 Panoramas, Virtual Tours

6. Jelly Marketing

Jelly Marketing “Do you want more leads for your real estate development? We create fully integrated PR, social media and digital marketing campaigns that are proven to generate new, design leads that convert to sales.” -Darian Kovacs, Founding Partner Key Real Estate Clients: Adera, Fifth Avenue, Rennie, Beedie, Ledcor Group Key Design Services: Video, PR, Social Media

7. LNG Studios

LNG Studios “LNG Studios is a vertically integrated creative visualization agency specializing in the real estate industry and the presale market, with a tech-first approach to our projects. Our full scope of services makes us successful in providing our clients with the tools needed to sell properties quickly, and our technologically savvy approach brings our clients to the forefront of their industry.” – Randi Bradley, Marketing Manager  Key Real Estate Clients: Concord Pacific Developments, Burrard Group, British Pacific Properties, Shape Key Design Services: 3D Visualizations, Video, Drone Footage, Branding

8. McOuat Partnership

McQuat “With close to 50 years of real estate marketing experience across North America and the Carribean, in over 3,000 communities, McOuat Partnership is North America’s most experienced firm focused on this vertical. A family run business with 45 staff, McOuat’s in-house services include creative, copywriting, marketing management, renderings, touchscreens, video, digital marketing, social media, interior design and public relations. ” – Lianne McOuat, VP Client Service and Strategy Key Real Estate Clients: Parkbridge, National Homes, Starlight, Rosehaven, Solmar, Wycliffe, Gold Park Key Design Services: Branding, Website, Digital Brochures, Sales Center Experience, 3D Visualizations, Video Walk-Throughs, High-Quality Photos

9. North Made Studio

North Made “Here at North Made Studio, it’s not just the superb quality of our imagery that sets us apart, but our highest level of service. Our clients are the forefront of our business – long lasting relationships are at the heart of what we do” – Waqar Hassan, Director Key Real Estate Clients: Buy Association Marketplace, Heaton Group, Fever Developments Key Design Services: Website, Digital Brochures, 3D Visualizations, Video Walk Throughs

10. Odyssey 3D

Odyssey “Odyssey3D is so much more than just a tech-forward real estate marketing company – it’s a family of misfits that were brought together by a shared passion for life and a common goal of bringing happiness to others, and real estate 3D Virtual Tours, Videography, and Photography just happen to be the crossroads of our compassionate hearts and tech-savvy brains. By leveraging the best of ourselves, we are able to provide the best service and product for others.” – Kaushik Satish, Managing Partner Key Real Estate Clients: Keller Williams Real Estate Associates Brokerage Inc., RE/MAX Realtron Bill Thom Group Realty Inc., Brokerage Key Design Services: 3D Visualizations, Video Walk Throughs, High Quality Photos

11. Plus972

Plus972“Plus972 is an international team composed of business strategists, creative designers, and seasoned marketers. We all come together for one purpose: our clients. Plus972 is different from the typical creative agency because of our agile and unique approach to tackling our client’s creative challenges. We adapt to our clients in a way that produces long-term relationships, meaning, we truly help grow and internationalize the businesses and brands with our services. Our scope of work is not just a logo or solely a website design, but rather, Plus972 works with our clients to unveil the deeper meaning behind what makes their business successful. Our agency expertly matches the right creative elements and marketing strategies to express and enforce that vision.” – Kimberly Lombardi, Director of Strategic Growth Key Real Estate Clients: SHVO, The Getty, Lendlease, COIMA SGR Key Design Services: Website, Digital Brochures, Sales Center Experience, Video Walk Throughs, High Quality Photos, Branding

12. SpacePhoto

Space Photo “I believe that any journey is hard work where the reward is the journey. Question is where we want to go and why we want to go there?” – Peter Bauman, Founder Key Real Estate Clients: Clever property, Ernest-Brooks International, Kingsley Hamilton Estates Key Design Services: Digital Brochures, 3D Visualizations, Video Walk Throughs, High Quality Photos

13. Thinklab Group

ThinkLab Group “When it comes to selling real estate it is vital that you tell the buyer the story behind why they want to buy in your development. So we always say “To sell the dream you have to first create the dream” and with us at Thinklab seeing is believing.” – Corne von Bratt, Founder & CEO Key Real Estate Clients: Hilton, Growth Point Properties Key Design Services: Website, Digital Brochures, 3D Visualizations, Video Walk Throughs, High Quality Photos

14. Toolbox Marketing

ToolBox Marketing

“We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients, we strive to become part of your team, despite being an external agency.  With almost 21 years of experience in the Real Estate industry, we’ve seen it all and everything in between when it comes to marketing requests.  We go above and beyond to understand your requirements, to provide outstanding creative solutions that really deliver.  After all, your success is our success’.” – Chloe Keith, Managing Director

Key Real Estate Clients: Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE, Savills Key Design Services: Website, Digital Brochures, Sales Center Experiences, Mobile App

15. Truedot Design

TruedotDesign“Stand beside, never in front of the other. People don’t work for me – they work with me – because it takes the skill set of a team to market your clients.” – Shelley True, President Key Real Estate Clients:District Realty, Uniform Developments, Osgoode Properties, Hooper Group Realty Key Design Services: Website, Digital Brochures, Sales Center Experiences, Mobile App, 3D Visualizations, Video Walk Throughs, High Quality Photos

16. Virtual Estate

Virtual Estate

“Passionate entrepreneur, wanting to virtualize the world by bringing new technologies closer to the real world. Nothing better than growing interaction globally and remotely, from your smartphone. Sending immersive experiences, from a simple link.” – Adrian Posasa, CEO & Founder

Key Real Estate Clients: District Realty, Uniform Developments, Osgoode Properties, Hooper Group Realty Key Design Services: Website, Digital Brochures, Sales Center Experiences, 3D Visualizations, Video Walk Throughs

3 Marketing Automation Agencies

These are the top three real estate focused marketing automation agencies we found through our survey.

1. Bubblegum Marketing

Bubblegum Marketing Bubblegum Marketing is a leading Sales Funnel agency specializing in CRM Implementation, Marketing Automation, Sales Funnels, Marketing Campaigns, Sales Pipelines, E-Commerce, and Paid Advertising. Key Design Services: Real Estate Marketing, Sales Funnel Development, Marketing Automation, Hubspot Projects, Infusionsoft/Keap Projects, Active Campaign Projects, and Facebook Advertising

2. Element IQ

ElementiQElement IQ helps you determine which elements are best to increase your website traffic, generate more leads, and grow your business. Key Design Services: Web Design, SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Hosting, Engagement Analytics

3. Zentap

Zentap Zentap empower real estate agents with the online tools they need to market their business and listings. We arm our members with the tools, content, and marketing solutions to maintain a competitive edge in the real estate industry. Key Design Services: IDX Website, Lead Generation, Videography

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