How To Guide Your Real Estate Clients To The Right Moving Services

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Understanding what makes a good moving service can make a huge difference when recommending a service for your real estate clients.

In this article, we’ll delve deep into what makes a good moving service and how to distinguish a good moving service from a bad one.

If you’re ready, read on down below.

What Makes a Good Moving Service?

Flat rate quote

Before you offer your real estate clients a moving service, you must know that bait-and-switch tactics are common. It’s not a rarity for a delivery driver to show up and suddenly you have a bill that’s 25% higher without much recourse. Having to deal with bait and switch scams can leave you out of money regardless as you scramble to find another honest moving service.

The best way to combat bait and switch scams is to ask for a flat rate quote beforehand. You only want to give out a deposit to any service if they are willing to agree to a flat rate. You can get hourly rates instead of a package deal if you’d like a fairer deal.

Great insurance

While insurance is required by law for moving services in America, the cheapest insurance only covers the weight of your belongings. For instance, let’s say you lost a necklace that’s worth thousands, it may end up only being insured for a few pennies as cargo can be insured by weight and not by value.

You must inquire and ask about the insurance that comes with the moving service. Not all insurance is created equally, and if your insurance only covers by weight, your valuable belongings will no longer be insured.

Online presence

A good moving company is going to have a wide variety of reviews on services like Facebook, Yelp, Google Reviews, and other aggregators. You will need to read through the reviews, as often many people will leave unjustified reviews, so you will need to discern what is just and what is just an angry review from an unprepared customer.

You can also inquire with government officials to verify that the service is working legally and lawfully. There are many “moving services” that are simply a website without any real moving company behind them, and some of them even work without insurance. 

Good customer service

customer service

It is true, moving services often have poor customer service. But all that is required to test this is to pick up the phone and speak with them over the phone. If they speak to you rudely and are quick to close a deal with you, then you’re going to want to avoid them and continue to try another service.

If they are rude to you over the phone then how are they going to act once they’re inside of your home? A quick talk over the phone can help clear up any matters, and you’ll get an idea of how they are going to treat you once your real estate clients are using them as a service.

Variety of offerings

A variety of offerings like long-distance moving that can be found at and much more, is a good sign that a moving service has been working for a long time. 

You want your moving service to offer plenty of services so they can accommodate whatever your needs are. Whether it be long-distance, local, or international, you want a moving service that can help you with any requirement necessary.

Storage options

storage options

Storage options are another great reason to recommend a moving service. If your real estate clients want to move in at a later date but their lease is running out shortly, they can leave their items in storage.

It’s also great if they offer temperature storage, as certain furniture may get damaged if not properly stored and can lead to mold or structural integrity. You will want to inquire into your potential moving company if they have storage options that can help your real estate clients with their need for flexibility. 

Local moving options

Local moving movers like the ones found at are also going to make it much easier to move. Even if you only want to move down the street, having the option of full-service local movers can turn a headache into an easy day.

Having a locally owned moving service help you will make loads of difference, as you know it won’t take them any time to come and service your home. If they are coming from out of state, then delays can happen and it’ll be unfortunate if you miss any deadlines your clients may have. 


Finding moving options for your real estate clients to recommend can be a hassle. What if you recommend a poor moving service and they end up having to deal with a bait-and-switch scheme?

That’s why you must always do your due diligence and find the right moving service for your real estate clients. It can take some digging to find a gem, but you won’t have to deal with any angry phone calls!

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