How to Maximize ROI on Real Estate Marketing Investment

At present, only 1 potential buyer out of 50 leads captured by your marketing team actually visits your property. Let’s understand the root causes of this poor conversion ratio:

  1. Buyers prefer exploring and learning more about your property before visiting your site or sales center.
  2. Buyers are unwilling to read static PDF brochures. It takes too long and they are not very informative.
  3. Websites packed with information overwhelm first time buyers and they jump off the site in a few seconds.
  4. Buyers quickly block off constant follow-up phone calls, text messages and emails by your sales team that interrupts their day without adding meaningful value.

Getting more potential buyers to visit your property will greatly increase the ROI of your marketing investments. 

There are two fundamental rules that you should seriously consider:

  1. Instead of interruptive sales calls, engage your leads with bite-sized, snackable content that takes between 20 to 30 seconds to consume. They are curious about your offering but not yet fully engaged. Keep each engagement meaningful, personalized and short. Focus on a single topic. Tease them with enough information to increase their curiosity.
  2. Minimize text. Maximize the use of video and other rich media content to communicate your message / CTAs . They are more likely to “view” and less likely to “read”.

Here are 2 proven best practices that better engage, inform and motivate the most qualified leads to visit your site or the sales center. 

Personalized Virtual Site Visit

Now that the lead is captured, you are no longer conducting impersonal marketing outreach with the contact. So don’t put them off with a link to the website or PDF brochure. That will go nowhere.

Instead, motivate them to visit the site by first providing a personalized virtual site visit: 

  1. Send out a 30-second video Narrative introducing yourself, mentioning buyers by name and giving a quick (video) overview of the property, amenities, residential units and options.
  2. Invite them to visit your sales center with a calendar link so they can schedule a time convenient for them.

We all respond much better when addressed personally and when we see a real human face instead of just an email address or a phone number. It will take you less than a minute to open an existing 30 second property overview video and add your personalized narrative for the first 5 seconds. 

This technique can be used by your in-house sales team or by a realtor partner. It will completely set you apart from your competitors who continue to send impersonal communications.

Here is an example of a personalized introduction.

Buyers who have gone through a personalized virtual site are five times more likely to buy your property when they come for in-person site visits.

Location, Location, Location

All other things being equal, the specific details about the location play a significant role in the buyer’s decision to agree to the site visit. Simply providing the address or showing an online map is not very useful. You should sell them at the location:

  1. Give a 30-second narrated video tour of the neighborhood
  2. Describe (or show) nearby parks, schools, places of worship, restaurants and nearby attractions.
  3. Knowing customer personas also aids real estate agents in guiding buyers’ decisions to agree to site visits. For example, if the customer is Japanese, she is likely to favor a site where there is a Japanese community and authentic sushi restaurants nearby.
  4. Point to the daily commute options, including public transportation

Every buyer aspires to a certain lifestyle. Location greatly affects their lifestyle.  Providing this information is a great way to build meaningful engagement with the buyer.

Here is an example of how to use location to entice buyers to a site visit.

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