Real Estate Call To Action (CTA) – Good Examples

For Real Estate professionals it is difficult to drive prospective buyers and sellers to take action while going through their marketing material. An appropriate CTA (Call to Action) can retain the interest of your audience by leading them to the information they need or the action they want to take. 

Where to include your Call to Action?

Real estate agents commonly forget to place CTAs in all their marketing materials. You should always place Call To Action in:

  • Website landing pages
  • Contact pages
  • Videos
  • Social media profiles 
  • Email Outreach

How to include a CTA (Call to Action) in a video?

Videos are one of the most effective places to include a CTA since your viewer is focused on what you have to offer. There are many video apps, but only a few support embedded Call To Action links in the video. 

  1. YouTube – You can embed call to action links in YouTube videos, however, there are certain restrictions that make it inflexible. For example, you need to join their Partner program, which requires a minimum number of subscribers and engagement on your videos. You are also limited by how many Call To Actions you can include in a video and how they appear.
  2. fullfeel Narratives – With fullfeel Narratives, you can add as many CTAs as you want in your video, and have them appear exactly as you want them to. You can brand the button design, show multiple buttons at once, and much more!

What is a good CTA (Call to Action)?

Real Estate Call To Action

Call to Action is the key to your lead generation, hence it is essential to pay attention while creating them and placing them in your communication channels. Important things to keep in mind while creating CTAs:

  • It should stand out in your design
  • It should encourage an action
  • It should be clear what action will follow on clicking it
  • It should be easily understood
  • If possible, it should be time-sensitive

Good examples of real estate CTAs you can use for sellers

Get a listing by communicating your value to the seller through creative CTAs:

  • Get A Home Valuation
  • Get A Free Consultation From A Realtor
  • Know What Your Property is Worth
  • Sell Your Home With My Help
  • Check the Market Rate of Your Property

Good examples of real estate CTAs you can use for buyers

real estate CTA

When looking for a house a buyer often looks for Agent’s help

  • Help Me Relocate
  • Learn About Neighborhoods, Schools & Amenities
  • Contact A Realtor
  • Sign Up For Property Updates
  • Want To Speak To An Agent?


A call-to-action is an important part of your property listing. Don’t forget to set one up and test different versions to see which one performs the best.

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