Tips on Building Your Personal Brand as a Real Estate Agent

We all know that building a personal brand as a real estate agent is vital to survive and thrive. In fact, 156,000 people joined the National Association of Realtors in the past two years – a record 60% more than in the prior two years (NYTimes). It can be overwhelming to find ways to stand out amongst the thousands of other agents in your market. That is why we decided to share a few tips that you can implement today to start building your personal brand

Define Your Target Buyer 

What target clients are you trying to reach? It’s important to fully understand who your target buyer is. What is motivating them to buy a new home? Do they have specific lifestyle preferences? Are there specific challenges they face? Once you have identified the who, you can identify what channels you can reach this target audience through. This step of understanding your target buyer will help you create more personalized content that will help you better connect with them.

Your Secret Sauce 

Why should your target audience choose you as their real estate agent? There are millions of real estate agents in the US, and you need to find a way to stand out to your target buyer in your market. Perhaps your knowledge of a particular neighborhood, your network of clients, or your use of technology makes you a unique fit to represent your target buyer. I call this your secret sauce. Identifying what truly differentiates you will help influence how you build your brand. Pro tip: Ask your past clients for feedback and why they chose to work with you. This will give you specific insight into how your secret sauce helped close a deal. 

Create Engaging Content 

This is the scary part for most of us. We’re not all authors or designers so pushing out content can be quite laborious. But it doesn’t have to be! We have been working with real estate agents to help them create relevant and engaging content faster through narratives. Narratives enable you to record your video and audio on top of any piece of content (a video walk-through, a photo of a property, a website, etc) and easily share it out to your clients or on social media. Narratives are effective in engaging your target client without having to code, design, or create too much content from scratch. It literally takes 5 minutes to create a narrative so it’s extremely easy to create new and engaging content. 

Be Authentic

At the end of the day, every touchpoint with a target buyer is an opportunity to build a human relationship. The last thing you want is for your content to be boring, irrelevant, or generic. One thing that will set you apart from every other real estate agent is being authentic and sharing your personality with your target buyer. With narratives, you can make sure your personality comes out in each touchpoint with your client. Narratives are a great way for your target buyers to get to know you and really connect with you face to face at their own convenience. 

And that’s it! These 4 steps will have you building your brand, creating personalized authentic content, and connecting with your target clients in no time. One important tool you’ll need to make this happen is Narratives

How Do I Get Started With Narratives?

You can start creating a personal brand Narrative using fullfeel. Try it out for free and within 5 minutes you’ll be sharing personalized and engaging content to your target clients. 

In addition to building a personal brand, Narratives can also be a better substitute for printed / PDF brochures. You can use them to promote your listings with other realtors. You can create multiple narratives targeted at different buyer segments and place QR codes at different locations in the property during an Open House that brings up a Narrative specific to each area when a buyer scans them on their mobile. You can also create digital business cards with QR codes that can be used to share and save contact details with your buyers through a quick scan.

Narratives help you simplify the buying process, engaging the buyers more effectively, automatically capturing leads, gaining real-time insights into their interest in your listing while building a personal brand with all of them. Narratives are your secret sauce!

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