Succeeding as a Buyer’s Real Estate Agent

It can often feel like most (if not all) of the technology improvements in real estate are only impactful for Listing agents. What about technology that can improve the day in the life of a Buyer’s agent? 

As a buyer’s real estate agent, you can waste a lot of time, effort and money showing listings to buyers that don’t result in deals. In an attempt to avoid these inefficiencies real estate agents often rely on sending emails with listing information rather than spending time showing properties to buyers. This impersonal approach overwhelms buyers, confuses them into inaction, and reflects poorly on the real estate agent’s personal brand.

There is a better approach. You can now personalize your engagement and simplify the selection process for the buyer without incurring the cost and effort of hauling them around to each real estate property. This novel way to engage your buyers is called Narratives.

Narratives help you succeed as a buyer’s real estate agent

Take a look at this sample video Narrative below by clicking on the play button. 

Notice how easily you can communicate everything in a few minutes that would have taken a couple of hours of driving and meeting in person. The buyer is not confused by clicking through all the websites or assimilating information from multiple sources.

Also, unlike a standard email with links to the listing websites, note how the realtor’s video and narration personalizes the engagement and keep the realtor at the center of the buying process. 

Narratives make both buyers and realtors more productive.

You can create a personalized Narrative similar to this using fullfeel for each of your clients, send it out and track if the client viewed it in less than 15 minutes! That is a lot faster and more engaging than writing an email to describe all the property details, insert website links and attach PDFs. 

You do not require any technical skills or any special tools or content. You can use existing material supplied by the sellers and listing services to transform them into engaging and personalized Narratives.

This is a real game-changer for a buyer’s real estate agent.

Best of all, you can start engaging your clients for free in less than an hour. Click here to sign up now. No credit card is required. There is no limit to how many Narratives you create or the length of each Narrative. You can send it to any number of your clients. 

Master the art of Digital Selling

Since you only get paid commissions when you close the deal for the buyer, it is important to simultaneously engage as many buyers as possible. As their count goes up, it becomes economically unviable and physically impossible to engage with them in person. This is where Narratives help you leverage the efficiencies of digital technology while still maintaining a personal touch. 

Buyers also appreciate this approach since it is more productive and less tiring for them. They will engage better and are likely to make the decision sooner. The pleasant experience will also lead them to refer you to other buyers. 

As real estate technology evolves, you will have to rapidly adopt these new technologies to be successful both as a buyer and listing agent. However, dealing with multiple tools with different subscriptions and logins can be very confusing. This is where fullfeel’s real estate solution really comes in handy. In a single solution you get:

  1. Narrative
  2. An analytical platform that gives you deep insight into your buyer’s purchase intent so that you can continuously fine-tune the listing that you would share with them
  3. A powerful CRM to manage engagements with a large number of buyers and sellers, 
  4. A rich media presentation designer that will help you win more pitches as a listing agent
  5. A digital library that puts all of the real estate assets at your fingertips

You can have it all without any upfront investment or ongoing subscription fees. You will be supported by a passionate and knowledgeable customer success team that will quickly onboard you and help you grow your business. Click here to sign up now. No credit card is required. 

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