Real Estate Buyer’s Loyalty – All You Need To Know

The loyalty of buyers is a big topic that has been studied for years. Buyers who are loyal to their Realtors will often buy more properties, refer more prospects and be more profitable for you. There are many reasons why buyers stay with their Realtor, but it’s not always easy to keep them in your corner. In this article, we’ll look at the factors that drive buyer loyalty and how you can maximize yours.

The lifespan of a buyer


It can be difficult for a real estate agent to predict how quickly or slowly a particular property will sell. Still, there are some generalizations that can help you make informed decisions about the type of home you want to buy.

The lifespan of a buyer is generally split into three phases: search, purchase and move-in.

The average length of time spent searching is typically between four and six months. Once they find their ideal home, it takes an additional two to four weeks on average to close the deal. However, sellers who value selling fast may choose to list with an agent who offers shorter listing periods in order to get their property sold more quickly than other homes being advertised at similar prices.

How often do buyers search again?

When you’re looking for a new home, it can seem like there are an infinite number of options. How do you know which one is right for you? That’s where your real estate agent comes in. They can help narrow down the field based on what’s important to you and guide you through making an offer—but not every buyer wants this kind of help. Some buyers do their own research and make decisions independently—which is why it makes sense that many will search again before buying their first home.

The average number of times buyers search again before buying a home varies widely depending on location, but it’s generally between 0–5 times before they find what they want (and often just once). This means there’s plenty of opportunity for agents to earn repeat business from satisfied clients!

Do buyers plan on searching again?

While it’s obvious that every buyer wants to find the right home, what’s not so clear is why they’re looking for a Realtor who will help them do just that. They want to work with someone who knows their market and can guide them through the process of buying a home. Buyers also want to feel like they can trust their Realtor—and they want someone who will be as helpful and easy to get along with as possible. The last thing on buyers’ minds is whether or not their Realtor is knowledgeable about real estate; if he or she isn’t, then there’s no point in working together at all!

Why do homebuyers return to the same real estate agent

There are many reasons why a homebuyer will return to the same real estate agent for their next purchase. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • The agent is familiar with the neighborhood and knows it well. As a result, they can provide advice on schools, parks, restaurants and other important local amenities.
  • The agent has knowledge of the local market and understands how pricing works in that area. This means they can help you find a good deal on your next home purchase or advise you when prices are rising too fast so that you don’t overpay for your dream property.
  • The agent is a good negotiator in negotiations between buyers and sellers and among competing buyers themselves (if there are multiple offers). This can save both time and money by getting deals done quickly without having to spend months negotiating back-and-forth with multiple people until everyone agrees on something reasonable for both sides involved in each sale transaction.”
  • Agents hold on to the buyers by providing them with a guided buying experience every step of the way with the help of Narratives. Narratives help personalize all the information.

How long have they been with their current agent?

Real estate agent

How long have they been with their current agent?

The length of time a client has been with their current agent is an important factor to consider when deciding whether or not to move forward with them. The longer someone has been working with the same agent, the more likely it is that they are satisfied and will stay put for some time. That being said, there are circumstances where people may leave one agent for another if a better offer comes along or if the agent doesn’t meet their needs anymore (e.g., no longer interested in buying or selling real estate).

How long do they plan on staying with this particular real estate company?

This question will help you gauge how loyal your potential client may be by gauging how committed they are to staying within one company rather than switching agents every few years.

What are the most important factors when choosing an agent?

Choosing an agent can be a complicated process. The most important factors are their listening skills, ability to follow through on promises, help in finding the right home, expert advice on the market and being available when needed.

Homebuyers love to be loyal to a Realtor — but it’s not always easy.

To be more specific, there are several reasons why real estate agents are often the first point of contact for a homebuyer.

  • Realty agents help buyers find their dream homes.
  • Realty agents can help buyers find the right mortgage and insurance.
  • Realty agents provide insight into the neighborhoods they know best.


As you can see, it’s important for your real estate agent to understand what makes their clients tick. It’s a fine balance between making them feel comfortable and keeping them engaged with your brand. You need to find that sweet spot where they stay loyal without becoming complacent or bored. And if you’re not sure how to do this, just remember: there are always ways to improve!

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