Will Real Estate Agents be Replaced? Future of the Industry

In recent years, our predictions prominence of artificial intelligence and the question of ‘will real estate agents be replaced’ have proven to be correct. While we may not have seen flying cars or got the chance to time travel, the advancements and achievements of artificial intelligence have far exceeded our expectations.

Without a doubt, it appears that even greater progress and further advancement will define the future of AI. The tasks that AI can perform are beyond human understanding. With its remarkable abilities, the human mind can imagine the possibilities of artificial intelligence and has now created tools that strive to outperform its capacities, pretty ironic right?

AI Abilities

AI in real estate

On one hand, AI’s extremely mind-blowing abilities never fail to leave us amazed. It can almost be put together as a fusion of Einstein’s intelligence brilliance with the mix of the vast knowledge competencies of a popular search engine like Google. Whereas, on the contrary,  the rise of AI’s powerful dominance has also heightened the feeling of uncertainty among people about experiencing job displacements.


AI possesses qualities that automate the tasks traditionally performed by humans. This is evident in the 15 things ChatGPT can do for real estate agents, as outlined in the ebook. AI excels in tasks that involve data analysis, algorithms, and computational efficiency in various fields. It can perform calculations and process information at a much faster rate than humans with minimal inaccuracy. However, it is important to consider the limitations that exist.

Potentially, AI can augment and assist humans in tasks that require repetitive manual labor, serving as a valuable tool. Even so, it cannot replicate the ability to think critically and adapt to new situations. Human judgment, ethical reasoning and emotional intelligence are significant in various domains such as health care, real estate and complex problem-solving. 

In context to real estate agents, several real estate industries in an attempt to replace the human interaction between buyers/sellers and agents have failed miserably. In 2021, Zillow, a top listing online marketplace for browsing homes, incurred a loss of half a billion dollars when it implemented a new approach to buying & selling houses directly.

While there may be many reasons that resulted in this massive failure, some of the potential reasons can be lack of experience, inaccurate market analysis, inefficient project management, market fluctuations and so on all of which require close human attention and precision.

Agents are knowledgeable

Agents have comprehensive knowledge of the market. They have expertise in every aspect of home buying and beyond. Real estate agents possess exceptional abilities in navigating the market, effectively managing their clients and meticulously understanding their client’s preferences in the process of home buying. It is highly unlikely that AI will automate or replace real estate agents.

Tech-savvy agents who integrate technology and leverage the power of artificial intelligence gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead in the game compared to the agents who don’t. Instead, agents should embrace technology as a powerful tool, treating it like a weapon on the battlefield, enabling them to conquer the challenges and achieve success, rather than being defenseless and unprepared.

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