Why Teachers Become Great Real Estate Agents

Have you ever thought about the similarities between teaching and real estate? While these two professions may seem vastly different on the surface, they actually share many qualities and transferable skills. In fact, many teachers have successfully transitioned into real estate and become great agents.

In this blog post, we will explore why teachers make great real estate agents. We’ll also discuss the transferable skills from teaching to real estate and the benefits of being a teacher turned real estate agent. Whether you’re a teacher considering a career change or simply curious about the connection between teaching and real estate, this post is for you.

Teachers are adept at organizing information and communicating it to others in an easily digestible way. It is no surprise then that many teachers become real estate agents. They have a unique skill set that can be used to help their clients make the best decisions when buying or selling a home.

Qualities that make great teachers and great real estate agents

Real Estate Agent
  • Teachers are good at communicating.
  • They know how to listen and understand others’ needs, which is a quality that translates well into the real estate business.
  • Teachers are also great at teaching others, which means they can explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way that their clients can follow.
  • The motivation and passion that teachers bring into their classrooms carries over into the real estate industry as well; teachers want their students to succeed just as much as you want your clients to find their dream home or investment property!
  • Teachers build relationships with their students by getting them involved in activities outside of school hours like sports teams or clubs, so this makes it easier for them when building relationships with potential clients because they already have something in common (their kids).

Transferable skills from teaching to real estate

Teachers are natural problem-solvers. They know how to approach a situation with a plan of action, and they’re able to adapt their plans as needed. This is important in real estate because it allows you to stay calm in even the most difficult situations. The ability to think on their feet also allows teachers who become agents an edge over other agents who might have more experience but less flexibility when it comes time for negotiation or client relations.

Teachers tend to be very organized and good with time management; these qualities make them ideal candidates for real estate agents because they can take care of all aspects of managing listings, showings and closings without losing track of any details along the way-something that many new agents struggle with at first!

Benefits of being a teacher turned real estate agent

There are many benefits to being a teacher turned real estate agent.

  • Flexibility: Teachers have the ability to work around their school schedule and other obligations, so they can be available when clients need them.
  • Transferable skills: The skills that you learn as a teacher will help you become a great real estate agent. For example, teachers have excellent communication skills because they must communicate with students and parents on a regular basis. They also know how to manage time efficiently in order for all tasks on their plate to get done, which is important when working with clients who may want things done quickly or immediately!
  • Knowledge of the community: If you live in an area where there are lots of schools nearby, then consider using those connections as part of your marketing strategy! You’ll already know many people (parents) who could refer business your way because they trust your expertise as someone who works with kids daily – which means fewer cold calls are needed before getting quality leads into your pipeline.

Mary Burr Newsome became a realtor and serves as an admirable role model. After her teaching career.

Teachers generate leads from their network

Leads from the network

Teachers have a great network of contacts, and they can use their network to generate leads. They are well-known for being helpful and friendly, so they often refer clients to other agents in the area who are looking for homes. Teachers also use their knowledge of the market to give advice to clients on what price range they should be looking at, or what neighborhoods might suit their needs best.

They have a natural talent for teaching others how things work – including real estate transactions! The same skills used by teachers in the classroom can be applied when helping clients understand how buying or selling a home works in practice (and why it’s important).

Teachers are great agents!

Teachers are great agents. They have the ability to build relationships, solve problems and help others. These skills make them natural salespeople who can get clients excited about a house or property in a way that other agents cannot because they have a different level of enthusiasm for real estate than teachers do!

Teachers are also known for their great people skills which means they will always put your needs first no matter what happens during an open house or showing appointment.


While the differences between teaching and real estate are significant, there are many similarities as well. Both professions involve building relationships with clients, understanding their needs and helping them make informed decisions about their future. If you’re looking for a career change or just want more flexibility in your life as an agent, consider becoming a teacher first!

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