4 Underutilized Sales Engagement Tactics That Work

Engaging a prospect is hard work and time consuming. But over the years, new tools and techniques have emerged to make the engagement process easier to manage, less manual, and shorter. Here are 4 efficient engagement techniques worth utilizing:

#1: Use content to answer your prospects questions

We have seen it far more times than we care to admit. Sales pitches turn into a Q&A before the presentation is over. Prospects don’t just want to be told what the answer is, they want to discover it for themselves. So instead of interrupting your sales presentation to answer a prospect’s questions, tell them you will send them content that fully addresses their particular question. Don’t have the content? Be sure to let your marketing team know they need to make a guided tour of this material.

#2: Leverage Autonomous Engagements to nurture your prospects so your sales team can focus on the most engaged prospects.

Time is a limited resource. How you utilize your time will ultimately determine the number of deals you close. The more time you spend on engaged prospects who are ready to buy, the higher likelihood you will have of closing more deals. Autonomous Engagement systems, like the one built into fullfeel, engages and nurtures prospects on your behalf. This frees up your time and lets you focus fully on closing deals with highly engaged prospects.

#3: Put your digital food forward. Prioritize creating and sharing digital sales collateral over print material.

It’s common for businesses to still use physical print based sales collateral like brochures, catalogs, and offering memorandums. Print based collateral is limiting for two reasons. First, engagement with that collateral is impossible to track once your prospect leaves your eyesight. Second, the form factor limits the amount and types of rich media you can use. Print only supports text and images. It does not support video, 360 panoramas, animations, and other forms of rich media.

#4: Engagement insights let you know when your prospects are free to chat

Sales requires the flexibility to adjust and evolve your strategy to meet the needs of your prospect. What if your prospect could tell you when they were ready to engage with you? With Digital Selling, you are notified when your prospect is viewing the content you send them. So if they are engaging with the content you send, you will know. More importantly, you know you can then engage with them at that time. Pretty cool, right.

Think your sales team can benefit from these tactics?

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