10 Real Estate Agent Mistakes You Should Avoid


As a real estate agent, your job is to help people buy and sell homes. In order to do this successfully, you need to know what information potential homebuyers and sellers need in order to make their decisions. This means having a strong understanding of the market, knowing how buyers and sellers typically search for homes online, understanding exactly what they’re looking for — and more importantly what they’re not looking for — and then providing them with that information so that they can make an informed choice about whether or not they want to work with you.

In this article we have highlighted 10 real estate agent mistakes you should avoid to be a successful agent/realtor:

Trying To Do Everything Yourself as a Realtor

Real estate agent mistakes

You can’t do everything yourself, so you need to delegate. Keep it simple and don’t get distracted by all the noise out there. Don’t be tempted to try too many new things at once! You need to employ tools that help reduce your work, as marketing yourself, generating leads and following up with potential buyers and sellers could be very overwhelming.

Not Working With A Real Estate Agent Mentor

Working with a successful real estate agent mentor is one of the best ways to avoid mistakes. A mentor will be able to help you avoid making the same mistakes that others have already made. They will also give advice on how to improve your listing and sale process. It is important not to take all of their suggestions as gospel but to use them as a starting point for thinking about how you could improve your business processes or listings in order to increase success rates for both sales and listings.

Not Generating Real Estate Leads

If you’re an agent, generating real estate leads is the most important thing you can do. The majority of your business comes from marketing and lead generation, rather than house showings and buyer searches. The more you spend on real estate leads the higher your chances of getting more conversions and the more profits you get from sales. With a healthy pipeline of leads, your customer base will grow and this will eventually lead to business expansion.

Ignoring Potential Buyers or Sellers

Staying in touch with your potential buyers or sellers is one of the most important things you can do as a real estate agent. This is especially true if you’re out of town on vacation or traveling for work. You have to be able to stay connected, so don’t ignore phone calls and emails from clients while they may be trying to contact you.

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Not Staying In Contact With Previous Clients

Previous clients

One of the most important things you can do for your business is to stay in touch with your previous clients.

If you lose contact with a client after selling their home, it is important that you make an effort to reconnect with them. You can use social media or other online resources where they may have posted information about themselves and their new homes so that you can connect with them again.

Not Marketing Your Listings On Social Media Channels

Social handles

It’s 2022 and people are looking for homes on social media. This is no longer a “well, if you build it they will come” situation. If your listings aren’t marketed on social media, they won’t get seen by potential buyers or the right agents who can help you sell your listing.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer real estate agents incredible opportunities to reach buyers in their home-buying journey through ads, videos and live broadcasts. Undoubtedly, these channels have become essential tools for any modern-day marketer to gain exposure and generate leads online.

Not Guiding Your Buyers

Listings these days have all the information required by the buyer, but too much availability and information lead to confusion for first time home buyers. They need your expertise while sorting and selecting the home they require. As an expert with local market knowledge, you should be well prepared to guide buyers through all the practical details and potential obstacles that may occur during the purchase process. 

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Not Using Real Estate Marketplaces

Many agents fail to take advantage of real estate marketplaces. These are websites that allow you to post your listings and make them visible to the general public, as well as other agents in your area. They’re extremely useful because they help you reach a broader audience and increase the chances of selling or renting out your property faster than if you were doing it alone.

Not Using a Professional Photographer or Videographer

It’s important to have a professional photographer or videographer take your listing photos. The quality of the pictures will reflect on your business, and if you aren’t using a high-quality camera, it can be hard for potential buyers to see the property in its best light.

Not Having A System For Working Your Database

One of the most important things that a real estate agent can do is to have a system for managing their database. This allows them to know exactly who has shown interest in their listings, which ones have shown interest and haven’t bought yet, and who is ready for another call from you. If it’s not organized properly, it becomes impossible to know who you should be talking with next or how many people are waiting for your call. Having this information at hand will help improve your sales rate dramatically!


These are the real estate agent mistakes one should avoid. Avoiding these mistakes will help you to gain more clients and make more money. The key is to be proactive and stay ahead of the curve with technology so that you can keep up with all the changes in the industry.

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