Digital Upfronts 2023 – 3 Keys for Sales Success

As we kick off 2023, it’s time to start thinking about how we can be as effective as possible heading into the 2023 digital upfront selling season. 2023 has a whole set of unique challenges and opportunities that make the 2023 digital Upfronts unlike any previous selling season. Portfolio expansion, increased competition and the demands of hybrid work and presenting have put an unprecedented amount of pressure on sales and marketing teams to come up with new and more effective ways to tell their sales story, engage clients and prospects, and close deals.

So here are my 3 Keys for Sales Success in the digital upfronts 2023:

Amazing Content Delivery

We’re media companies—the best in the world at creating and delivering engaging content! We have to show that at every stage of the sales process, at every customer touchpoint and with every piece of sales content we share. So make sure as you head into 2023 that you have the ability to deliver amazing/ richer content at every touchpoint.

What does amazing content delivery look like? First, it means being able to deliver high-quality video both in-person and virtually. It means being able to include video content at every sales touchpoint—not just during the big pitch meeting but before and after as well. So make sure that you’re enabling your sales team with the tools and the media they need to be able to deliver rich and engaging content from the first outreach email through the recaps and renewal discussions!

Portfolio-Wide Sales Library

Make sure your sales team has access to a portfolio-wide sales library. Every media sales team now has so much more to sell—more channels, platforms, technologies, audiences— that it’s more important than ever that sales teams have access to a single place they can go to get the all of the most up-to-date, accurate, on-brand and relevant sales content for all the portfolio elements that they need to sell.

A Portfolio-wide digital sales library is more than just a place where people can find stuff— it needs to be where salespeople can find relevant content, organize it, customize it, personalize it, and deliver it. Having all of this content in one place allows everyone to see how all the disparate pieces of content fit together into a single cohesive brand and story, which allows salespeople to combine content modularly to tell the most compelling and relevant story to their prospects and clients at every stage of the sales process.

Actionable Engagement Analytics

It’s not enough anymore to just send stuff out and hope people look at it—you have to have the analytics to see what they’re looking at, when and how much.

Engagement analytics give you the critical information you need to know how your content is being viewed and how engaged your prospects and clients are. You need to know when people look at your content, how much time they’re spending with each piece of content, and you have to be able to see ALL the content a customer or prospect has looked at to be able to see where they are in their journey. Without this, it’s like selling while wearing a blindfold.

So those are our 3 key goals for success in the 2023 digital Upfronts. We wish you the best of luck and hopefully great success in 2023. To find out more and see how fullfeel can help your team be more effective in 2023, go to and sign up for free today!

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