How Do I Close A Deal Without A Tour, Test Drive, or Try-On?

The COVID-19 pandemic has left buyers more hesitant to meet in person than ever before. Business segments like automotive, retail, and real estate that depend on in-person meetings and engagement opportunities, are struggling to find a way around this problem. This leaves sales managers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs continuously observing low win rates, higher discounting, longer sales cycles, and difficulty qualifying new leads. 

A remote way to close deals is no longer a choice, it’s the only way. Closing deals without in-person meetings don’t have to be hard. Digital Selling makes it easier for businesses to digitally transform their traditional selling practices.

Here are 3 Digital Selling tactics to help you close (more) deals remotely:

#1: Use content to help qualify leads

A large majority of your customers will want information about your offering before they will take the time to meet in-person. Before the pandemic, 71% of buyers preferred doing their research before talking to a salesperson. Your sales team should not be the gatekeepers of information. Let your prospect do their research from home. Instead of using in-person meetings to qualify opportunities, empower your sales team with engagement analytics. This will help them remotely qualify whether a prospect is engaged.

#2: Make sure your sales team can easily access and share engaging sales collateral

Content doesn’t have to be limited to static text and low-resolution images. Digital content, unlike print content, can support rich media (like videos, 360 Panos, animations, gifs, etc) to capture your prospect’s attention. You will need a digital content library to ensure all your sales content is easily accessible and shareable by your sales team. Store all your sales collateral in one place, and ask your sales team to share content from there. This will help your marketing team measure how effective the content is.

#3: Only connect with prospects when they are engaged with the content you send them

When you engage with prospects at the right time, they will view you as helpful and knowledgeable. When you engage with prospects at the wrong time, they will view you as clingy and annoying. Before you ask, the answer is “no”, a CRM doesn’t provide you with this data. You need a tool that can collect and monitor real-time viewing and engagement data on the content you send. You can also use Sales CRM Software that lets you instantly connect with an engaged viewer.

Now you could choose to get different tools and applications to address each of these tactics. Or, you can get fullfeel, which does all of this and more in a single solution. Fullfeel has a built-in digital library to store and share your sales content, a rich media sales collateral editor, and a real-time viewing analytics tracker. All content stored in fullfeel is Instant Connect enabled, which means you can initiate a video call with anyone viewing that content!

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