2 Ways to Get More Real Estate Listings

As a real estate agent, you rely on your networking skills and in-person pitches to differentiate yourself from other real estate agents in terms of experience, integrity, negotiation skills, and effective communications to generate more real estate listings.

Unfortunately, lingering COVID-19 etiquettes make it difficult to pitch in person. Most sellers have also discovered the convenience and efficiency of reviewing the content before deciding to meet in person. 

To generate more real estate listings, you have to overcome two new challenges successfully:

  • How do you stand out with a seller without meeting in person? 

Printed brochures and postcards are expensive and outdated. PDFs are static and boring. Websites are too impersonal and visitors hate reading. You need an efficient and effective way to digitally communicate your brand in a personal and engaging way to the seller to clinch the listing. 

  • How do you convince a seller of your ability to engage buyers digitally?

In addition to traditional expectations from a real estate agent, sellers now also expect a listing agent to be capable of engaging buyers and other agents digitally and remotely. Unless first time home buyers are successfully engaged digitally, they are unlikely to visit the property and make a buying decision. Static PDF brochures and websites are too impersonal and verbose to successfully engage remote buyers. You need a way to convince the seller that you are digitally savvy to effectively engage buyers remotely and maximize the demand for their property.

Most likely, you have already come across all the jargon from digital marketing and digital technology vendors – email marketing tools, CRM tools, virtual tours, mobile apps, and more. They are complex, counterintuitive, laborious to maintain, require upfront investments and ongoing expensive subscriptions. 

Let’s look at a simple and affordable solution that enables you to overcome these new challenges, requires no upfront investments and requires no ongoing subscriptions.

An effective way to pitch to a real estate seller

Take a look at a sample real estate listing pitch below:

This pitch is created using CustomShow. Unlike a static PDF or PowerPoint, this presentation with rich media, interactive maps, and animated charts help you communicate more effectively and stand out from the competition with the seller. Note how the presentation is seamlessly personalized for the seller by inserting additional slides specific to the property. 

There is no upfront investment or fixed monthly subscription to access CustomShow. You will start creating your own pitch in less than an hour if you are familiar with PowerPoint and simple drag-and-drop. You can start with the free templates and insert your own media elements or create new slides from scratch. 

CustomShow is part of fullfeel, a powerful integrated platform for real estate agents.

fullfeel also includes tools to remotely present this media-rich content without time lag, pixelation, or color loss (as commonly experienced with popular online meeting tools) and share this content with the audience and track their engagement. Hence, whether you meet your client in person, present remotely or share a personalized Narrative, you can be equally engaging. 

An effective way to engage real estate buyers digitally

In addition to standing out with your personalized and engaging pitch, you also need to convince the seller of your ability to engage buyers digitally. Unless the buyers are first engaged remotely, they are unlikely to visit your listed property in person.

Take a look at this brochure created using CustomShow:

Unlike a static PDF brochure, this CustomShow brochure is the next best thing to be in person, visiting the property. It is easier for a buyer to simply scan the QR code and access this immersive brochure. Best of all, you get real time notifications and detailed analytics of buyer engagement.

Furthermore, you can create a personalized video narrative from this brochure to communicate with other real estate agents and interested buyers.

Sharing the Narratives is as effective as giving a tour in person. You can generate awareness among many more real estate agents and engage many times more buyers than in person. With Narratives, you can differentiate yourself from other real estate agents in terms of negotiation skills, and effective communication.

CustomShow and Narratives enable you to engage more sellers and demonstrate your digital savvy. They also enable you to engage real estate agents and buyers with your listings more effectively. They are integrated components of a powerful digital selling platform, fullfeel, that help you succeed as a real estate agent. fullfeel is designed to be used directly by real estate agents without requiring any IT support. fullfeel’s Customer Success team will onboard you and help you to grow your business. Click here to sign up now. No credit card is required.

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