Can Chatbots Help Me Close More Sales Deals?

Digital Selling

You know what a chatbot is. It’s that little chat box that pops up when you visit a website. It either has a picture of a friendly person or a cute robot that greets you and lets you know it can answer any questions you may have.

What you may not know is that chatbots were never intended to be used for sales. Chatbots are primarily used to reduce the number of support calls or requests a business receives. Think of them as glorified search boxes that text you back rather than show a page of search results. Because of this fundamental platform limitation, chatbots are binary and can only be used for predictable processes. Sales, on the other hand, is hardly predictable.

For sales, humans are still your best bet. Salespeople excel at providing just the right amount of information and persuasion to close deals. That last mile when closing a deal is a nonlinear problem customized for every prospect being engaged. But that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage technology to help your sales team close more deals faster. Digital Selling allows your sales team to leverage powerful digital technologies to qualify, engage, and close deals remotely and in record time. Digital Selling is to your sales team what the Iron Man Suit is for Robert Downey Jr. It takes care of the hard problems, like managing content, managing opportunities, reminding prospects to view content, and sending prospects relevant content so that your sales team can focus more time and energy on what really matters, closing deals.

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