Building a Personal Brand for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agent’s branding directly affects their profits

Real estate agents focus on three activities to survive and thrive:

  1. Build a personal brand
  2. Connect with clients (buyers and sellers)
  3. Close deals 

A Personal brand communicates your unique value in facilitating a frictionless and efficient real estate transaction that optimally achieves your client’s objectives. A personal brand that resonates with your customer can offer a significant amount of credibility and plant the seeds of trust needed to participate in one of your client’s most important financial decisions. They will not trust you with the most intimate details of their life. Unless this bond of credibility and trust is established, you will not be able to close real estate deals for them.

This is why you have to continuously work on strengthening your personal brand as a realtor or real estate agent.

Brand Building

Are your brand-building practices effective?

Many realtors believe that building a personal brand is synonymous with investing in websites, posting on social media and even driving around in a nice car. This is why 74% regularly post on social media and 70% of realtors invest in their personal websites by taking help from a Web Design Company.

And yet, a whopping 70% of the realtors get less than 1% of leads from their website or social media postings! Only 20% get between 1% to 5% of leads from websites or social media and 10% get between 6% to 10% of leads. 

Take a moment to let that sink in, chances are that you are not among these lucky 10 % of the realtors who generate lots of leads online.

This performance gets even murkier when you analyze the website traffic you do get. On average, visitors spend less than 45 seconds on a web page. More than half of them spend less than 15 seconds! Most of your clients hate reading and are easily confused by website navigation. At this level of user disengagement, it is really difficult to develop a connection and build a personal brand.

So how do we move forward from here? In the next section, we will show you a powerful but simple practice that will help you enhance your websites, social media posts and emails to build a personal connection with your clients. It will help you stand out from other realtors and you will start receiving inquiries from your clients. Most importantly, you can test this out in less than a day and without any cost. Does that sound too good to be true? Keep reading, we think you will be pleasantly surprised.

An effortless way to transform your personal brand

Here is the simple idea that every realtor agrees with:

The best way to build a personal connection with a client is by meeting them in person. 

This is when your personality, passion, experience and knowledge motivate the client to work with you. If you only had the time and energy to meet every potential client in person. We know that no one does but what if we could give you the next best thing? 

Meet Narratives, a way to meet all your potential clients face to face. Check out the sample Narrative below. 

Ready to Spice Up Your Personal Real Estate Brand?

Narratives achieve two objectives:

  1. They put you at the center of the communication with your clients to build personal rapport.
  2. The video format delivers a lot more information to your audience compared to text heavy websites, social media posts or emails.

It takes less than 15 minutes to create a Narrative! To quote a well known insurance Gecko, “15 minutes can save you 15% or more” clients from walking away. In all seriousness, Narratives are a highly effective asset when taking your personal brand as a realtor to the next level. We will show you how but before that let’s look at why a Narrative is more effective at building a personal brand for a real estate agent.

Making Narratives does not require any expertise in videography. You simply say what comes naturally to you when you meet a potential client. In your Narrative, you can introduce yourself, and share your personal stories and core values. You can inform them of current real estate trends in your community as well as show a set of listings and recent noteworthy transactions. Best of all, you can communicate all of this in under 3 minutes.

Placing a Narrative at the top of your Personal website, on your social media pages and posts as well as in your emails makes communication more personalized and engaging. 

Sending out such narratives regularly will rapidly build personal connections with your audience. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how many of them will approach you unsolicited and mention how your message resonated with them at a personal level. 

How do I get started with Narratives?

You can start creating a personal brand Narrative using fullfeel. No credit card is required. A 5-minute video tutorial will get you started. You can send out your Narrative to any number of clients. There is no time limit on the length of your narrative. 

In addition to building a personal brand, Narratives can also be a better substitute for printed / PDF brochures. You can use them to promote your listings with other realtors. You can create multiple narratives targeted at different buyer segments and place QR codes at different locations in the property during an Open House that brings up a Narrative specific to each area when a buyer scans them on their mobile. 

Narratives help you simplify the buying process, engaging the buyers more effectively, automatically capturing leads, and gaining real-time insights into their interest in your listing while building a personal brand with all of them. One of the most important factors to consider as an agent is your impression of your clients. To learn more about how to leverage Narratives to maximize your revenue, click here.

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