Best Digital Practices for Ad Sales Marketing Success in 2023

As we kick off 2023, it’s time to start thinking about how we can make our media sales teams as effective as possible heading. 2023 has a whole set of unique challenges and opportunities that make this upcoming selling season unlike any previous year. Portfolio expansion, increased competition and the demands of hybrid work and presenting have put an unprecedented amount of pressure on sales and marketing teams to come up with new and more effective ways to tell their sales story, engage clients and prospects, and close deals.

In this compilation of useful articles, we will show you how to use digital technology to make your ad sales marketing efforts more efficient, more engaging and more productive for you, your sales team and your clients.

Each article listed below uses visual examples to show you how you can transform your sales efforts and stand out in the increasingly competitive media landscape. More importantly, you can put these ideas into practice without any upfront investment or any IT help. Enjoy!

Upfront Sales in 2023 – 3 Keys to Success

We’re media companies—the best in the world at creating and delivering engaging content! We have to show that at every stage of the sales process, at every customer touchpoint, and with every piece of sales content we share. So make sure as you head into 2023 that you have the ability to deliver amazing/richer content at every touchpoint. Learn how innovative technology helps you achieve this. Learn more.

How to Build a Sales-Focused Digital Library

Not all digital content libraries are equal: some make our lives easier by making it easy to find and share the content we need. Others make our lives harder by forcing us to guess how someone else might have organized the content and then jump through multiple steps to access and share that content. Understanding the latest digital marketing trends can be a game-changer in optimizing your content library for better accessibility and efficiency. This knowledge allows us to anticipate user needs and structure our libraries in a way that aligns with these evolving trends, ensuring a more effective, sales-focused digital library. Learn the key steps to create a more effective, sales-focused digital library. Learn more.

Increasing Portfolio Size Makes Sales More Complicated

“It is the golden age of premium video content for viewers, and the height of complexity for advertising decision-makers and their partners.” The frustration and challenge for salespeople and prospects is that this golden age of content is making it harder and harder to tell and understand the media value story. Learn the 4 steps to simplify sales for your sales team. Learn more.

Snackable Content and More Responsive Sales Teams

Marketing teams create great sales content for sales teams every day—the challenge is making sure that content gets used consistently and effectively. The best way to make sure that sales teams use your best content throughout the sales process is to create “snackable” content that’s easy to find, share and consume. Learn more.

Customizable AND On-Brand Content? It’s Possible!

The fear of every marketing team is the dreaded phrase from the sales team “This is great, but I just need to make a few changes.” The right digital tools can give your marketing team the ability to continue to create amazing content while still giving your sales team the ability to customize when needed. Learn more.

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