Ad Sales Marketing Success in 2023: Customizable AND On-Brand? It’s Possible!

The fear of every marketing team is the dreaded phrase from the sales team “This is great, but I just need to make a few changes.” No matter how much thought and effort the marketing team puts into creating the most engaging, comprehensive and accurate sales content, salespeople always want to make those last few changes and tweaks to fit their presenting style or address the specific concerns of a particular prospect.

This results in EITHER marketing teams spending countless hours customizing sales content for each and every meeting, presentation, and opportunity OR letting the sales team go rogue and send off-brand and inaccurate content to their prospects. Neither of these options are sustainable for sales and marketing teams and inevitably result in sales content getting watered down to the lowest common denominator where no one is happy with the results: marketing knows the content could be better, sales knows the content could be more targeted, and prospects are stuck wading through ineffective and unengaging sales content to try and solve their business challenges.

Engaging, on-brand content is often locked down and hard to personalize

Given the nature of the design tools marketing and creative services teams use to create engaging and branded content, it makes perfect sense that sales teams are not equipped to easily change or customize that content for every pitch, meeting or prospect email. Tools like Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator and InDesign are all amazing creative tools that let marketing teams create the kind of engaging branded content that really drives home the value of their offerings and differentiates their brand in these increasingly crowded marketplaces. Posting engaging content using social media scheduler makes sense. Hootsuite is a popular content management tool. However, there are better options available in the market, which are great Hootsuite alternatives.

We now know that video is the best way to reach and engage prospects, and media companies in particular have access to some of the best video content in the world, but creating and editing videos using traditional creative tools is beyond even the most tech-savvy salespeople. As a result, videos are great content, but not easily customizable.

PDFs definitely aren’t the most engaging type of content to share, but at least they deliver a visually consistent and branded experience to your audience. However what makes PDFs visually consistent also makes them impossible to customize and edit by the sales teams that need to use them. As a result,  PDFs are visually consistent but not customizable.

Personalizable content ends up off-brand and off-message

PowerPoint is the go-to content format for salespeople to edit and create customizable sales content for their prospects and clients. Everyone is familiar with editing in PowerPoint and everything can be changed, customized, and edited by the salesperson. The result of this ease of editing is that even the best content inevitably degrades to the point where it’s not on brand or accurate—and often ends up doing more harm than good in the sales process.

Other easily editable options that salespeople fall back on are Word and Excel documents that deliver information but without any of the brand engagement that is at the core of every media companies’ unique value proposition. Selling media and advertising with Word and Excel documents is worse than just being inaccurate, off-brand and out-of-date, it’s missing the most valuable part of your sales pitch – the media itself! 

Narratives allow sales teams to create on-brand, on-message, engaging personalized content

Narratives allow salespeople to take rich media content, including highly produced video and presentation content, and create on-brand, on-message content that is personalized and customized for each prospect and client. Using’s intuitive interface, every salesperson can create the kind of engaging and personalized content that cuts through the clutter and delivers compelling and valuable content throughout the sales process.

Narratives bring the best of BOTH highly-designed content AND a personalized sales message into easy-to-create and easy-to-share sales content that salespeople can use throughout the sales process—from their first outreach to recaps and renewals!

Narratives allow marketing teams to focus on creating the most engaging and compelling content possible without having to sacrifice quality or consistency just to let salespeople make the edits and customization they need. Instead marketing teams can create bite-sized, modular pieces of rich media content and let the salespeople pick and choose what’s most relevant for their prospects and clients and personalize that content without degrading the accuracy, visual impact or brand message of that content.

And the best part is that marketing and sales teams can get started creating Narratives based on their own sales content right away without any upfront investment or IT involvement! Just go to  and sign up for free today!

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