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The North Houston region consists of Aldine, Spring, Tomball, Houston, West University Place, Bellaire, Humble, and The Woodlands. North Houston is known for residential communities featuring many single family homes. This is a family friendly region with lots of job opportunities and many great schools such as Moreno Elementary School and Oak Forest Elementary School ranked 8/10 and North Houston Early College High School ranked 9/10.

Valuable Guidance For Home Buyers
Trends in the North Houston Real Estate Market*

Median Home Price - $329k

Median Time on Market - 17 days

# of Homes Sold Last Month - 569

One of the great things about buying a home in Houston is the stability of the housing market. Houston has never suffered from a major downturn or severe swings. Right now, we are switching from a sellers market to a more even playing field. Typically, sellers would get 22 offers on a home within one weekend, but that is now starting to calm down. However, sellers are still listing their properties at a high price, which means that there is room for negotiation. A good realtor can help you negotiate on things like closing costs to get a good price. This is something that we haven’t been able to do in years, but the current shift to a buyers market allows for this.


Tips for First Time Home Buyers in North Houston
  1. Flood Risk. It is essential to look at the floodplain zones to make sure the property you are looking at is not in a high risk zone. Specifically, review the disclosures with your agent to see if the property of interest has been flooded before.

  2. House Flippers. Houston has a lot of house flippers. Sometimes they do the bare minimum amount of work on a property in order to flip it and make a profit. As a result of sloppy and fast work, many houses can have foundation issues. Houses may look great at first glance, but the next thing you know you have mold in areas you didn’t notice earlier.

  3. Take notes and capture on tour Moments. You should take lots of videos and capture your on-tour moments, reactions, and emotions so you don’t forget them later. This will make it easier to compare properties you visit and make the right buying decision.

  4. Understand your must have requirements. Do you have a style of house you like? Do you want to be near a park? Do you want a big backyard? Getting clarity on these requirements will keep you focused in your decision making process. Agents can act as great sounding boards to help buyers find out what they want vs what they need.

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