The Remote Sales Presentation Checklist

You may want to print this out and stick it above your webcam.

Lately, it seems like we begin almost all our professional conversations with “can you hear me” before fumbling around with our Zoom audio settings. Needless to say, presenting has never been harder. Here are 5 things you should do to boost your confidence and nail your next remote sales presentation:

#1: Give your audience a few minutes to recharge before the presentation

Push the start of your meeting by at least 5 minutes. This will give your attendees time to use the restroom, grab a coffee, or just stretch out and move around. This will ensure your audience is refreshed and comfortable for your presentation. 

#2: Only present engaging content

Our attention spans have grown incredibly thin. If we don’t see things changing or moving every few seconds we lose interest. We live in a world filled with newsfeeds, notifications, and TikTok. Dump the bullet points and take the time to make your content engaging. Anywhere you find yourself describing something, opt for showing a video or animation instead. Consider using guided tours to replace live demos to keep the pace of your presentation brisk.

#3: Use an online meeting tool that supports rich media playback

Most online meeting tools are designed and optimized for collaboration. This means they split bandwidth equally for everyone on the call, rather than give more bandwidth to a presenter. Unfortunately, this means that presenting rich media (like videos, animations, 360 walkthroughs) results in choppy and blurry content being shown, rather than smooth and high definition. There are great online presentation software, like Simulcast by fullfeel, that puts the presenter center stage and supports rich media playback. Be sure to try out the free trial today.

#4: Have a spotter in the chats

There is nothing more distracting to an online presenter than seeing a chat appear and wanting to address it immediately. Most presenters pause and try to address the chat, and in the process, risk losing the attention of their audience. Instead, ask a colleague to answer questions in the chat while you complete your sales presentation. Once you finish your presentation you can address questions in the chat your spotter may have missed or that you want to address yourself.

#5: Keep relevant content at your fingertips

How many times have you had to tell an audience member you will “follow-up offline” because you couldn’t find a piece of information or content? Make sure you keep all your content easily accessible and organized while you are presenting, so you can address questions and concerns with the right content to back you up. We strongly recommend using fullfeel’s digital content library to store and access your sales content. It integrates directly with Simulcast so you can search for and present all your content in a single Chrome tab!

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