The Digital Selling Crash Course

Chapter 6: Making Digital Selling a Reality with fullfeel

The three phased approach to get your business to adopt Digital Selling
Transform how your business sells using the phased approach described in this chapter. 

We hope that by now you have a good understanding of how Digital Selling can overcome the challenges that you currently face with traditional selling methods. Adopting Digital Selling does not mean abandoning traditional selling altogether, but rather it’s a gradual transition your sales organization can begin. Each aspect of Digital Selling discussed in this course will help improve your sales performance, and implementing multiple ideas will help accelerate your sales. 

fullfeel is a complete and comprehensive cloud based solution that delivers all of the Digital Selling functionality described throughout this course and summarized below. fullfeel greatly simplifies the sales process by providing an all-in-one, integrated Digital Selling solution that otherwise requires multiple tools and subscription fees. While there are no hard mandates on which features you should start with first, most sales organizations adopt the phased approach described below. 

Phase 1 - Get Your House In Order

If you haven’t yet grabbed an invite for fullfeel, this is a great time to start your trial. You can set up fullfeel with existing contacts, opportunities and content in less than one day. Use Chapter 2 for guidance and use online training videos (at to get started. Don’t forget to try out the opportunity management, content viewing, content sharing, real-time analytics and instant connect features. 

Once you are comfortable with the basics of fullfeel, it’s time to give your sales team access. You can choose to show them how to use it yourself, or just share Chapter 2 (the 30 minute getting started guide) with them. It’s most important to show them how to access and share content, and use Instant Connect. We also have plenty of online training videos they can access if they get stuck or need help (at they review the content and get a chance to play around with the tool themselves, they will be up and running in a day or two.

Closely monitor the sales engagement analytics. This will give you and your sales team a very good understanding of how well fullfeel is already performing compared to the traditional selling techniques. 

With consistent follow-ups with the prospects, shareable content that eases engagement, and real-time alerts that enable your sales team to connect with the prospects via Instant connect, you are already on your way to leaving your competition behind. 

Welcome to Digital Selling!

Phase 2 - Design Content That Wows Your Audience

Now that you have a better control of and visibility into sales engagement with your prospects, it is time to level up your Digital Selling game. Start building, acquiring and using more rich media content in the form of high definition videos, high resolution images, animations and 3D graphics to articulate your value proposition. Learn CustomShow and start building personalizable sales content libraries of presentations, brochures, catalogs, lookbooks and any other artifact that is relevant to your business.

Teach your sales team to personalize presentations and other sales collateral from the library of rich media sales content. Show them how to present online using Simulcast.

By sharing personalized and engaging CustomShow content as well as by simplifying online engagement through Simulcast, your sales team will start seeing greatly improved sales engagement with the prospects.

With highly branded, engaged and personalized content, your sales team is able to successfully differentiate your value proposition against the competition. Better engaged and nurtured prospects are now more likely to select you over the competition. You should start experiencing higher win rates, more predictable sales cycles and lower demands for discounts.

Your sales teams are now pros at Digital Selling!

Phase 3 - Accelerate Sales Engagement with Digital Selling Techniques

Now that you have a well organized rich media Digital Library and good understanding of sales engagement analytics through Contact Management, you are in a good position to master the game with Digital Selling Rules that we described in Chapter 4. Start modularizing your content into engaging, snackable pieces that can be  easily consumed by the prospects. Match them to each level of the buyer stage, starting with Teasers and Explainers. 

As your sales team starts sharing this new content they will find that they have to do less repetitive talking. Sales engagement with the prospects should go through the roof.

Build your first Customer Journey Maps using the new content and with the insights that your sales team has now collected from Contact Analytics. Use the online training videos at to learn how to set up Customer Journey Maps. You can start with a single Customer Journey Map for your entire organization, create a different map for each of your product offerings, or create maps based on each of your customer segments. 

If your sales team is already sharing sales content using fullfeel, adopting Customer Journey Maps to initiate Autonomous Customer Engagements is easy and will take them 5 minutes to learn. They can now sit back and observe how fullfeel starts engaging prospects on their behalf with online content recommendations, reactivating engagement through automatically generated personalized emails and relevant calls to actions. Or they can start engaging even more prospects!

With highly relevant, engaging and modular sales content and Autonomous Customer Engagement, your sales team will reach a level of efficiency and effectiveness that any traditional sales competitor will find it almost impossible to compete. Your revenue will increase due to accelerated sales engagement. Your profitability will increase with lower cost of selling resulting from higher efficiencies in sale engagement.

Your sales teams have now unleashed the power of Digital Selling! Sustain your leadership and competitiveness with continuously inferring deeper sales engagement insights, more relevant and engaging sales content and better organized Customer Journey Maps.

Final Words

Adopting the practices of Digital Selling and using fullfeel will transform your business. Start your journey with simple and modest steps. Understand the value of well thought out and well designed content. Learn to use sales engagement analytics to continuously improve your sales content. Thank you for taking the time to complete our Digital Selling crash course. Enjoy your journey! 

Make Digital Selling a Reality

Build a Digital Library from your existing content and then define your first Customer Journey Map

Congratulations! You've completed the Digital Selling Crash Course!

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The three phased approach to get your business to adopt Digital Selling
Transform how your business sells using the phased approach described in this chapter.